Diabetic Alert Card


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Diabitys diabetic alert card is the perfect accessory for diabetics to share how they are feeling and seek help if required. A handy accessory for the person who doesn't wish to bring too much attention to themselves yet needs a bit of support.

For example, in schools a child can place their card on their desk to get their teachers attention or ideally present it to their teacher in order to get assistance.

This card is the perfect size to pop into your kitbag, pencil case, purse, wallet or backpack for easy access to let others know how you are feeling. Can be used for both hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia symptoms.

1 x Double sided card 
Red side - Informs others that you do not feel well & you need to check your levels
Blue side - Reassures others that you are feeling well

Cards are printed on sturdy, hardwearing 450gsm gloss laminated card.

Dimensions: 8.4cm x 5.5cm